A specialist global provider of electrical & mechanical products

GFI Enterprises are a specialist product and international supply company providing both electrical and mechanical equipment, spares and other operating materials to clients worldwide.

Every aspect of our business has been meticulously developed to assist customers to reduce the total cost of acquisition and to improve operational efficiency.

The extreme environmental conditions encountered by the industry in North Sea Oil and Gas Exploration and Production, has necessitated the development of both technical expertise, and specialised products to meet the most challenging applications. Working with GFI can help you access this unique technical resource.

Our Industries

Unlike many suppliers, we have experienced in-house experts in both electrical and mechanical products. This allows us to offer all the benefits of a single source, whilst still supplying real product expertise and technical excellence in our core discipline areas.

GFI Enterprises Ltd serves clients in all the main geographical areas of the world making our operations truly global. Our client base includes organisations which range from the largest multi-national companies to the smallest of business operations. Our business principles apply to all.


Oil, Gas & Petrochemical

  • Oil Companies
  • Contracting Companies
  • Resellers
  • Petrochemical Companies
  • Drilling Companies
  • Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)

Power Generation

  • Nuclear
  • Traditional Fossil fuel generated
  • Hydro generated
  • Renewables: Wind / Solar / Wave


  • Surface
  • Sub-surface

The mining sector, in common with the O.G.P sector, can have the requirement for specialised products for use in explosive atmospheres.