team work

Working together to reduce your costs

From conception, GFI selected and employed key core product specialists from both electrical and mechanical fields, with many years of experience working with, and supplying the technical products required by the O.G.P. industry.

This strategy gave us the technical expertise to interface with both the engineering and procurement staff employed by our clients, and was designed to establish us as an effective extension to our clients Company Operations, giving direct access to the Global supply base.

This strategy of employing experienced industry professionals and working in partnership with our clients, differs radically, from many suppliers who employ the cheapest, inexperienced staff possible, to reduce the “first cost” to its most basic level. We believe that this tactic often results in poor service levels and ultimately higher final costs to end users. Additionally, to ensure the vibrancy of our company, when we employ less experienced staff members, we select only Graduate standard individuals, whom we mould and develop with training initiatives designed to create exceptional sales engineers who share our company philosophy, goals and ethics. In most aspects of life, success is generally more likely if you have quality, experience and commitment in your team.

Our team comprises of skilled and experienced professionals with product specific expertise. Together we provide unrivalled levels of service and quick response times.