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Improving efficiency and saving time

At GFI we pride ourselves on our U.S.P., offering “a unique blend of specialist product knowledge, single source benefits and supreme value added services.”

We challenge you to consider other companies on your active vendor list, and assess whether their business models can offer all of the combined benefits available from GFI. We feel confident that none of them could claim any more than 2 of the 3 advantages highlighted in our U.S.P.

For example: O.E.M`s will only offer the product lines they manufacture, and normally cover only a narrow range of items. So they only have product knowledge of their own items.

Distributors or Stockists normally supply particular product types such as Pumps or Valves. They therefore cannot claim to offer a wide range of technical knowledge or the benefits of a single source.

Very few purchasing companies or buying houses have the wide ranging technical knowledge available at GFI, where we have experienced staff from both electrical and mechanical disciplines. This expertise and experience allows us to offer an extensive range of value added services not normally available to many purchasing organisations. This resource supplies many benefits, and allows us to interface with client engineering and procurement professionals.

Our U.S.P. therefore really is unique, and puts us in the perfect position to help our clients improve efficiency in their purchasing operations.