The right support to make sure your systems meet international standards

In today's expanding global market place, companies are under increasing pressure to offer products and systems that meet a variety of international standards.

This can be particularly difficult for engineering professionals who are required to adapt their skills to handle specifications which may be less familiar to them. Whilst GFI Enterprises Ltd is a product supply company, our staff are only too happy to help Engineers gather information on potential manufacturers and products to facilitate the ultimate selection of the most suitable products.

Helping engineers gather the right information on potential manufacturers and products

This front end work not only ensures the correct products are specified but can also provide detailed documentary information which ensures your paper trail is accurate. Your Purchasing Department will then have the correct information to complete the commercial side of your business without the need to revert to engineering at every turn. An extra benefit is that correct product descriptions can then be entered on your computer systems from day one, which obviously improves the quality of your database.

GFI have expert in-house staff with many years experience of product supply to the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical sectors worldwide. The years of experience gained by our staff and our commitment to service differentiates GFI from other suppliers.

Core strengths at GFI: