Reducing customer exposure to currency loss

Companies operating in the global marketplace are confronted by what can be a daunting variety of currencies and payment terms.

Many suppliers and manufacturers naturally like to quote in their home currency. This can leave you exposed to currency losses, especially if the items are subject to long lead times. GFI can quote in your preferred currency thus removing the risk from you.

Reducing the risk associated with currency fluctuations

Also, if you are dealing with an overseas vendor on an infrequent basis, they may demand payment with order, or the establishment of an Irrevocable Letter of Credit. Both these situations place a financial burden on your organisation and will increase the workload of your staff. GFI are willing to negotiate and put in place, payment terms most suitable to you.

 Financial Flexibility

  • Flexible payment terms
  • Quote in your preferred currency
  • Currency hedging
  • Currency fixing
  • Letters of credit if required