data cable

Data cable supplied to specification

GFI can offer cables manufactured by manufacturing giants such as Belden and Alpha and can access their global inventories.

When appropriate, we can also supply high quality alternative cables, often at substantially lower prices.

Increased awareness of the dangers of cables burning during a fire has resulted in many types now being available in Low Smoke Halogen Free (LSHF) versions.

For special applications, we have the ability to further finish products with the application of braids, armours or different colour sheaths as required.

Data Cable Types:

  • Belden Cables
  • Alpha Wire Cables
  • RG Type Coaxial Cables
  • URM Type Coaxial cables
  • CT Type Coaxial Cables
  • Ethernet Coaxial Cables
  • Andrew Antennas Coaxial Cables
  • Defence Standard 61-12 Cables
  • Computer Cables RS232/242
  • Cat 5E Cables UTP/FTP
  • Cat 6 Cables UTP/FTP