Sourcing difficult to find items

You may be finding it difficult to correctly identify the manufacturer of something you already have.

Regardless of your situation, GFI staff are ready and happy to help clients either by tracking down the current supply source, or in the case of obsolete products, by trying to source alternative solutions.

The fact that we employ experienced industry professionals often means we have the in-house knowledge to help. If needed, we also have access to industry directories and specialist databases which can assist us in our quest.

Another useful tool is obviously the Internet, but finding what you are looking for is a skill in itself, and can be very time consuming. 

GFI can assist with:

  • Obsolete Items
  • Relocated Companies
  • Foreign Manufacturers
  • Manufacturers Lost or Changed Through Acquisition or Takeover
  • Items for Which You Only Have Partial Descriptions
  • Unknown Manufacturers