electrical heater

Electric heaters for hazardous or hostile environments

GFI Enterprises offer one of the widest available ranges of electric heaters for operation in hazardous atmospheres and hostile environments.

All heaters supplied are of the highest quality, built to the latest British and international standards and certified by the relevant national authorities for use in almost every country.

The heaters are manufactured in factories that are licensed by a European notified body, meeting rigorous quality controls. All relevant products fully comply with the requirements of the ATEX Directive (94/9/EC).

Lube Oil & Seal Gas Heaters

Process Heaters

EEx'e' ISES Range of Hazardous Area Certified Electric Process Heaters

The 'ISES'Heater comprises a large range of process flow heaters, certified for use in a Zone 1 or Class 1, Div 2 Hazardous Areas, custom-built to meet client specifications.


  • Up to 5000kW.
  • Certified to meet the ATEX Directive 94/9/EC.
  • Certified EEx'e', Zone 1, Gas Group II.
  • Certified Class 1,Div 2, Gas Group A, B, C, D.
  • CENELEC, Standards Australia, CSA.
  • Terminal box is certified weatherproof to IP67 or NEMA 4x.
  • Temperature classifications T1-T6.
  • Elements are specially sealed to prevent moisture ingress.
  • Elements are individually replaceable on site without the need for special tools.
  • Lightweight Stainless Steel construction terminal box.
  • Suitable and certified for use in ambient temperatures of -60°C to +60°C.
  • Anti-condensation heaters fitted if required.

Typical Applications

  • Fuel Gas
  • Natural Gas
  • Glycol Reboilers
  • Molecular Sieve Regeneration
  • Industrial Gases
  • Heat Transfer Oils
  • Fuel Oils
  • Water
  • Crude Oil / Hydrocarbon / Liquids
  • Heating Medium

Immersion Heaters


Screwplug Immersion heaters include one, two or three hair-pin bent tubular element(s) joined to a threaded hex plug. Screwed into tank walls, this UL Listed/CSA Certified direct contact heat source heats liquids, viscous fluids, forced air and gases with maximum energy efficiency. In addition, elements can be bent in many configurations to suit a variety of applications. Most screwplug heaters come with a thermowell (for temperature control sensor) and a completely wired terminal box for electrical connection. Certain models available with a patented 360° rotatable screwplug housing to facilitate easy conduit connections. Select from a wide variety of sheath materials. Various element lengths, plug sizes and ratings from 0.5 kW and up, for 120 to 600 volts.


Flanged Immersion heater construction is similar to the screwplug immersion heater with elements joined to a flange (36" max. dia.) that mates with a matching companion flange in a vessel wall. Ideal for generating steam or heating gases and liquids for use in pressure vessels and tanks. Factory designed with a wide selection of ANSI and custom sized flanges for industrial and OEM applications. Element lengths to 240" long and rated up to 500 kW with watt densities to suit many applications. Most units are UL Listed and CSA Certified.