time is money

Monitored delivery

Our bespoke I.T. systems mean we can easily and quickly generate “back order reports” for our clients, which show the latest expediting information and due dates on all outstanding orders.

As our sales orders are naturally  invoiced on shipment and disappear from the “back order report”, we added an “In Transit Report” on which orders remain for 4 weeks after billing, showing all relevant shipping information such as AWB/ Flight Number and dates / E.T.A, and/or Bill of Lading / Vessel / E.T.A as appropriate.

These two reports mean our clients can always see the status of all of their orders, from the moment the order is placed until they arrive safely at their premises. This information can be critical, in the run up to major projects, outages or shutdowns.

Our clients now have full access to real-time Open Order and Goods in Transit Reports via the the Client Order Tracing Portal.